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Rehbein’s Procedure in 73 Cases of Hirschsprung’s Disease


Somchai Thepcharoennirund MD, FRCST*

* Pediatric Surgical Unit, Department Of Surgery, Ratchaburi Hospital


The principle for treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease by Rehbein’s procedure is to remove the aganglionic narrow segment including the dilated sigmoid colon by dissection of the upper rectum deep down into the pelvic cavity about 2 cm from peritoneal reflection and to elimination of the achalasia of internal anal sphincter by vigorous dilatation. Between August 1987 and April 2000, 73 cases of Hirschsprung’s disease (50 boys and 23 girls) were operated on by Rehbein’s procedure at the Pediatric Surgical Unit, Ratchaburi Hospital. The age varied from 7 months to 10 years. 55 cases showed very good results by daily stool evacuation without any help, occasional laxative or enema in 15 cases, giving laxative or enema regularly in 2 cases and no adequate bowel evacuation despite giving laxative or enema in 1 case. In conclusion, Rehbein’s procedure is technically simple and has good results. It should be another treatment of choice for Hirschsprung’s disease.

Keyword : Rehbein’s procedure, Hirschsprung’s disease

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