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Ethics and Survival


Sukhit Phaosavasdi MD*, Surasak Taneepanichskul MD*,
Yuen Tannirandorn MD*, Boonchai Uerpairojkit MD*
Chumsak Pruksapong MD*, Aurchart Kanjanapitak MD*

* Member of Thai Medical Association


An effort to provide the guidelines of medical ethics for the society has been made in vain in recent years. We want to inform the society that the process of training a doctor requires working on each medical student to be virtuous and knowledgeable. In spite of such effort, the society still does not accept the loopholes of the teaching process. It cannot turn all students into good doctors as we wish. It cannot make doctors more special than other people. Doctors are still as ordinary as other professionals. They trip up with human errors especially when they are overwhelmed by workload. Physical exhaustion can cause technical deficiency, accidents, and dissatisfaction. In some cases, the media even leads the society to believe that the doctor is definitely wrongdoer without fair judgement.
It is very difficult to find people who have sympathy with the doctors who are already judged by the society. Are these doctors being treated fairly and receive empathy from the society, or even help from the medical friends?
How can we help these doctors? It seems to be a very difficult problem because nobody wants to get involved with troublesome cases. These doctors probably have a hard time to find true friends when they are already judged by the society that they are wrongdoers. We truly have sympathy with them. Thus, we get together to work with them under one principle: all problems have solutions. Only if we are determined to do so, we can overcome any obstacles.
Please believe that our path is guided by the three religious principles: Promvihara 4, Ithibadha 4, and Makha 8.

Keyword : Justice, Religion

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