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Management of Borderline Ovarian Tumours


Alex J Crandon, Director*

* Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer


Borderline ovarian tumours are known to occur in younger women than invasive cancers and to also have a better prognosis. However, there is also much disagreement about the best approaches to management. At the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer we have had a particular interest in this disease for some years. Regular reviews of our management have indicated many important guides to management.
In our most recent review of 606 cases we have concluded that:
· Early stage disease can and should be treated conservatively if the patient desires to retain her reproductive function,
· Treatment should be aimed at leaving no visible disease,
· Adjuvant therapy does not improve survival,
· Re-staging laparotomy in clinical Stage 1A patients is not justified as the pick-up is too small,
· The best prognosis is to be expected in the youngest patients.
We will continue to track the progress of these patients in the hope that better management can be offered in the future.

Keyword : Borderline ovarian tumours, Management

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