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Measles is Still a Severe Problem in Eastern Turkey


Hüseyin Çaksen MD*, Dursun Odabaş MD*
Doğan Köse MD*, Şakir Şar MD*
Oğuz Tuncer MD*, Bülent Ataş MD*

* Faculty of Medicine, Yüzüncü Yil University, Van, Turkey


In this study, we reviewed the demographic and clinical findings of 143 children with measles to draw attention the importance of measles and its complications in Eastern Turkey. Of 143 patients, 75 (52.5%) were boys , 68 (47.5%) were girls. The patientsí age ranged from 5 months to 13 years ( 3.97+ 3.11 years) . The peak of admissions (37%) occurred in the age range five to 24 months. The majority of the cases (84.7%) were not immunized against measles. Of 143 cases, 104 (72.7 %) cases were malnourished. Of 143 children ,57(40%) children had one or more complication of measles and the most common complication was pneumonia. Two (1.3%) children died. In conclusion, our findings showed that measles and its complications were severe problem in our country. We think that it is primarily related to very low socioeconomic status of our region.

Keyword : Measles, Complication, Infant

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