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Clinical Manifestation and Survival of Patients with


Kreetha Thammakumpee MD*
* Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University


(NSCLC) in Sonklanagarind Hospital between 1995-98 was undertaken. There were 209 evaluable
NSCLC patients enrolled in the study. NSCLC was common in elderly men who smoked. Major symptoms
were cough 74.9%, weight loss 61.6% and dyspnea 54.6%. Chest pain and hemoptysis were presented in
only 31.3% and 29.2% respectively. Adenocarcinoma was found in 109 patients (52.1%) , squamous cell
carcinoma in 71 patients (34.0%), and large cell carcinoma in 8 patients (3.8%). Only 28 patients (13.4%)
were in stage I or II. Surgery was performed in 18 cases (8.6%). Radiation for palliative treatment was used
in 74 cases (35.4%). Fifty-four patients (25.8%) received chemotherapy. Forty-two patients received mitomycin,
vinblastine and cisplatin regimen (MVP). The response to treatment comprised 3 cases (7.1%) with complete
response, and 9 cases (21.4%) with partial response. The survival of the patients in stages I and II was lower
than reported from Western countries but in stages III and IV the survival was comparable. Chemotherapy
tended to improve survival in advanced stage NSCLC.

Keyword : Non-small cell lung cancer, Treatment, Prognosis

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