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Microsurgical Lymphonodovenous Implantation for Chronic Lymphedema


Ruch Wongtrungkapun MD*

* Surgical Division, Rajprachasamasai Institute, Disease Control Department, Ministry of Public Health


This is a prospective study of 10 cases, 14 lower extremities lymphedema were treated by micro-surgical lymphonodovenous implantation from October 2001 to July 2003. All of the presented patients suffered from filariasis(1) with obstructive lymphedema of the lower limbs. The surgical technique is described. The results have been satisfactory. The average reduction in the circumference of the affected limb was 7.37 cm at 16 cm below the knee joint level, with an average follow up of 4.5 months. Subjective and objective signs were imporved.

Keyword : Lymphedema, Lymphonodovenous implantation-microsurgery

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