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Searching for Medical Ethics in Dharma Conversation


Sukhit Phaosavasdi, MD*,
Manopchai Thamkhantho, MD, MRCOG*, Boonchai Uerpairojkit, MD*,
Chumask Pruksapong, MD*, Aurchart Kanjanapitak, MD*

* Members of Thai Medical Association


Our medical ethics team has a great opportunity to consider the terminology of “Moral Rights”, “Good guys”, “Understanding the real world” and the issues about “live salvation”.
What has been mentioned about these terms in Buddhism?
In Buddhism, it has been cited that moral duty is the cause that leads to the moral rights as result. When we act the right as well as decent things, we are entitled to get the fair deals in return. We used to forget to consider that, isn’t our moral duty or not?, to just either pay respect to the other people’s rights or simply protect the other people’s rights(2,3).
Regarding to the Buddhism religion, there are a certain criteria to be “Good guys” i.e. firstly, not to make any sin at all such as not to exploit the others physically, verbally and mentally. Secondly, to make merits, such as helping out; showing the mercy and kindness to the underprivileged; donating money, land and properties, or even sharing the justified idea is also included. We also forgot to ask about tempting the others with a certain of hindrance i.e. assets, land and properties. Have you already made the sin with these temptations or dominating the idea of people? How the people will understand the fine line between the sin and meritorious deed (4)?
Buddhism kindly advises us to understand and consider the real world in two steps as well as in parallel way. Looking around us as surrounding of illusion. These illusion or fantasies will not be sustainable, only temporarily indeed. For example, human being has to go through aging process, illness and eventually death. What we need to consider in parallel is the matter about “Within us”. What is the secret issue about “Within us”? Brain, spirit, heart or extremities, wherever we point at, will be just only human biological tissues or various elements(2,5).
Last, but not least, practicing salvation when you still alive is perplexing. Live salvation is already existed within us, nowadays. No need to wait for the next life. Salvation can exist when we still alive. Salvation is to purify our spirit which require proper training to keep it clean in sustainable way(1).

Keyword : Ethics, Dharma

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