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Preminary Report: Initial Experience of Endovascular Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins Due To Greater Saphenous Vein Incompetence in Thailand


Surasak Leelaudomlipi, MD*, Suthus Sriphojanart, MD*,
Panuwat Lersithichai, MD*, Theerapol Angkoolpakdeekul, MD*,
Piyanuch Pootrakul, MD*, Suthus Horsirimanont, MD*,
Sopha Lewrojshup, RN**, Sangiem Traihattasap, BSc*

* Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital
** Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital


Background: Surgical venous stripping (SVS) is a standard treatment for varicose veins (VV) due to greater saphenous vein incompetence (GSVI) but there are some disadvantages to and risks. Endovascular laser (EVL) has been introduced to overcome these disadvantages. The present study was designed to determine the effectiveness of EVL treatment for these patients.
Material and Method: The patients with VV due to GSVI diagnosed by duplex scan were recruited in the present study. The EVL-procedure was percutaneously approached guiding by ultrasound under monitor anesthetic care (MAC). Postoperative clinical and imaging assessment was assessed.
Results: There were 17 limbs with symptomatic VVs in 11 patients. Two patients were admitted for a reason not related to surgery. The others were day cases. There was no postoperative complication except a large echymosis in one case. At 3-month follow-up, no recanalization or recurrence was detected.
Conclusion: The authors’ early results demonstrated that EVL could obliterate VVs due to GSVI and further showed some benefits over SVS. More studies with a longer period of follow-up are needed to further confirm the efficacy of EVL.

Keyword : Varicose vein, Endovascular laser, Endovascular therapy

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