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Medical Ethics and the Survival of Medical Profession


Sukhit Phaosavasdi, MD*, Surasak Taneepanichskul, MD*,
Yuen Tannirandorn, MD*, Manopchai Thamkhantho, MD*,
Chumsak Pruksapong, MD*, Aurchart Kanjanapitak, MD *

* Member of the Medical Association of Thailand


Nowadays, human society has raised high expectation on medical profession differently from the past, even the legal act still heavily prejudice and extremely bias on patient protection i.e. the legal act of health insurance act 2004 which has a great impact on feelings, emotion and practice of medical profession(1).
It has been mentioned that the goodness and medical ethics in our soul need to be equipped, instructed and trained since the childhood age with good background of the family and the schools(2). At present, in socioeconomic world which is full of rival, competition, taking advantages, concern only their own benefits, then lead the medical profession into the change for survival. It is against the old principles that the patientís benefit and concern are primarily the first priority(3). The children who goodness, in turn, after they have absorbed the family happiness and passed it on in return of the others with kindness and mercy(2).
Apart from that, the medical doctors still require to own a good character and qualification of listening and understanding the different kind of problems and aspects of patients and next of kin. Concerning or minding the other business as our ownselves is a good character, which need to be trained and practiced till get into habit to make a good impression and respectful at first sight. Knowledge and capability in medicine will assist us to pursue our career with the praise and admiration of the medical students(2). The good impression, faith and motivation in medical-teaching system, absorb a good character of the instructor as a role model and wish to be as good as their instructor. The medical doctors should have a good relationship with the patients, a good skill in discussing problems with the patients, relatives and also the colleagues. Making accurate diagnosis, prescribing the proper and correct medicine. These matters will lead to the respectful, faithful and admiration eventually(3).
On the other hand, another group of medical doctors still lack of mercy, even though for their own sake, selfishness, and high ego. The more they are smart and clever, the more they can behave badly and tricky as well as no respect to the others. The relationship with the others are sour and the ability to be self-improved and taken the advice will be impossible. These kind of behaviors are tremendous dangerous because of having done many guiltless, lack of conscience and not ashamed of any sins, whatsoever(2).

Scenario 1: (Medicine)
A doctor of Department of Medicine in one of the private hospitals, admitted 50 years old man to this private hospital because of chest pain, syncope attack and then sudden death on hospital arrival. The wife of deceased legally claimed for compensation on the ground of medical negligence for 800,000 Baht but eventually can be negotiated for 180,000 Baht.

Scenario 2: (Paedistrics)
A Paediatrician was sued for the cost of 6 million Baht due to the medical negligence of infant with kernicterus who died after blood exchange. The justice court has ruled over the pediatrician to lose the case.

Scenario 3: (Pediatrics)
A Pediatrician was sued for 800,000 Baht: due to fatal drug allergy, but after compromising negotiation, the parents agree to accept 100,000 Baht for compensation.

Scenario 4: (Orthopedics)
An orthopedic surgeon has been sued for 2,800,000 Baht. The patient with HIV positive had motorcycle accident, facial bone fracture, internal bleeding, fracture of left leg with the good result of constructive surgery on face but unfortunately the compartment syndrome developed and above-knee amputation need to be doned. At the moment, this court-case still in the process of justice.

Scenario 5: (Obstetrics)
An obstetrician was sued for 2,000,000 Baht due to incorrect diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Intra-operative findings reveal of normal intrauterine pregnancy and no evidence of ectopic preganacy. The patient agrees to accept 300,000 Baht for compensation.

Scenario 6: (Surgery)
A surgeon was sued for 5,000,000 Baht due to the injury of bile duct during laparoscopic cholecystectomy and caused the abdominal peritonitis. The patient agrees to accept 400,000 Baht for compensation.

Keyword : Ethics, Survival

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