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Transjugular Approach as a Challenging Access in PTMC: Case Report


Boonjong Saejueng, MD*, Sudaratana Tansuphaswadikul, MD*,
Anek Kanoksin, MD*, Krienghrai Hengrussamee, MD*,
Jarin Assavahanrit, MD*, Thamarath Chantadansuwan, MD*

* Cardiac Unit, Chest Disease Institute, Nonthaburi


Advantage of transjugular approach in percutaneous mitral commissurotomy (PTMC) of severe mitral stenotic patients with venous drainage anomalies was obtained as the authors’ first case experience. This approach should be considered whenever difficulties are encountered in the femoral approach in PTMC case before valve surgery.

Keyword : Transjugular Approach, PTMC

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