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Ethics and a Happy New Year Wish


Sukhit Phaosavasdi MD*,
Surasak Taneepanichskul MD*, Yuen Tannirandorn MD*,
Boonchai Uerpairojkit MD*, Chumsak Pruksapong MD*,
Aurchart Kanjanapitak MD*, Vorapong Phupong MD*

* Member of the Medical Association of Thailand


Ethics are deeply rooted in society and they are one of the cornerstones of the medical profession. Many experts contend that we acquire our ethical values from our parents. If this is true then just as our parents instilled in us a strong ethical sense so we too have a special responsibility to do the same for our children, providing them with the values necessary for them to take their place in society with confidence, hope for the future, and a desire to care for others(1). This caring for others is fundamental to medical practice. We physicians must apply this ethical principle every day. And we must do this in concert with another indispensible quality, "patience"(2,3).
We, the authors of the medical ethics section(4,5), have been guided by the desire to be pure in thought, to speak well of others, and to please others. It has been our hope that this message infuses our every article on medical ethics. And we have a special New Year wish for you, our readers. It is that through the application of sound ethical standards, guiding your every deed, you will be admired and trusted by others, and attain the confidence and pride that this brings.

Keyword : Ethics, Happy New Year

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